Room rate

4000 yen per person

We have six rooms available. All are equipped with beds.


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The room rate per person for one night stay is 4000 yen. (All tax included.)       

 4,000 yen  Single room (one person using one room) 4000yen× 1

 8,000yen  Twin room (two people using one room) 4000yen × 2

 12,000yen  Family room (three people using one room)4000yen ×3

★These are weekday rates, and the additional fee needed for Sat and a day before the holiday. 

+600yen for the single room / +500yen per person  for the twin room / +400yen per person for the family room

●Breads,coffee,and juice will be served for free in the morning from 7:00 to 9:00. 

●Our guesthouse has a shower room and two toilets. There is an Onsen(hot spring) available for 600yen near by.

  A ride to/from the Onsen is possible upon request.