Guesthouse Uchi

Uchi is a private house newly built in March 2016 in Matsushima to cater the rising popularity of accommodations with local flavor.

As the name "Uchi" refers to a private home in Japanese, you will always be treated as a member of our family, not as a tourist or a hotel guest.

Here are some of the examples that distinguish the “Uchi” experience:  

 ・Reduced room rate with the at-home atmosphere makes it perfect for travelers on a budget. 

 ・Japanese daily life, normally hidden to travelers, will be unveiled through fun and interesting experiences.

 ・Our Japanese staff will help make your stay enjoyable and show you around

    Matsushima if needed. Our staff know "Anaba", or "secret travel spots".

  ・The owner speaks fluent English, so no worries about not speaking Japanese. 

  ・Located near all the main sightseeing spots, 7min walk from the Matsushima-kaigan station.

  (The boat pier is just across the street, and it is only a 2-minute walk to the temples.)  


     These are just examples, and you will be given more depending on your needs!

     We're waiting for you with a breathtaking view.
     See ya soon! 


The room rate per person for one night stay (all tax included):

    ・5000yen × 1 (one person using one room)

     ・4500yen × 2  (two people using one room)

     ・4500yen × 3  (three people using one room)

     (these are weekday rates, and the additional fee of 500yen to 800yen needed for Sat and a day before the holiday.)


   ◆Our guest house has a shower room and two toilets. There is an Onsen (hot springs) available for 600yen near by.

     A ride to/from the Onsen is possible upon request.


                                                                        "Let's enjoy the dinner party!" 

 We can go to the grocery store together and buy some fresh foods such as meats, fish, and vegetables.  

Experience the Japanese way of life when we come home and cook together before enjoying the home-made dishes.

Examples of the meals we make:    

     Chirashi Sushi.
     Yakiniku Korean grilled meats.
     Nabe Hot pot.
     Okonomi Yaki

⭐The cost of the food is divided equally by the participants.  

You can also try many different kinds of traditional Japanese ready-made foods, available with beer and sake at our home for inexpensive prices:

・Rice, Miso soup and Natto 

・Japanese pickled vegetables (cucumber, eggplant, Chinese radish.etc)     

 ・Sapporo Ichiban Miso Ramen 

・Peyoung Sauce Yakisoba

・Kanzume canned foods (Yakitori, Crab, Tuna)